CHPC - Research Computing Support for the University

In addition to deploying and operating high performance computational resources and providing advanced user support and training, CHPC serves as an expert team to broadly support the increasingly diverse research computing needs on campus. These needs include support for big data, big data movement, data analytics, security, virtual machines, Windows science application servers, protected environments for data mining and analysis of protected health information, and advanced networking. Visit our Getting Started page for more information.

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Call for Posters: Conference on Research Reproduciblity

Conference will take place November 14th at the University of Utah Law School Campus. Poster deadline is July 31st, 2016.

FastX2 server upgrade Monday, June 27 at 1 pm

The upgrade will be done on all CHPC FastX2 servers (frisco, astro, meteo and atmos nodes as well as all general and owner interactive nodes; this uopgrade will also  including protected environment resources). We expect the upgrade to take a couple of hours. This is being done primarily to address user issues with resizing windows when on a Mac, as well as other bug fixes and new features that are in the latest version.  You can see a list of updates at

CHPC Summer Presentations:

 slurm BASICS

LOCATION: INSCC Auditorium, Room 110
DATE: June 23rd, 2016
TIME: 1 - 2 p.m. 

Presented by Anita Orendt

Hands-on introduction to python, parts 1&2

LOCATION: INSCC Auditorium, Room 110
DATE: June 28th & 30th, 2016
TIME: 1 - 3 p.m. 

Presented by Wim Cardoen and David Heidorn

Changes to /scratch/kingspeak/serial and /scratch/ibrix/chpc_gen

  • Monday May 2nd, Noon: /scratch/kingspeak/serial made Read Only - DONE
  • Monday June 6th, Noon:  Taken offline to be rebuilt - DONE
  • Friday June 10th: rebuild /scratch/kingspeak/serial back on line - DONE
  • Monday June 13th, Noon: /scratch/ibrix/chpc_gen will be made read only - DONE
  • Monday July 11th/scratch/ibrix/chpc_gen will be retired 

Spring 2016 Newsletter

Workshop on being a "Cyberinfrastructure Research and Education Facilitator"

Sunday August 7th - Saturday August 13th, 2016

Applications are now open!

Open Science Grid (OSG) User School 2016

Application Period: Mar 14 - Apr 15, 2016
OSG User School: 25-29 July 2016
Website and brief application:

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Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulation of a Novel Flash Ironmaking Technology

The U.S. steel industry needs a new technology that produces steel from iron ore with lower greenhouse gas emission and energy consumption. At the University of Utah, Prof. Hong Yong Sohn and his team have conceived of a drastically novel idea for an alternative method called the Flash Ironmaking Technology to replace the century-old blast furnace process.  This new technology eliminates the highly problematic cokemaking and pelletization/sintering steps from the current ironmaking processes by directly utilizing iron ore concentrates, which are in abundance in the United States. 

Using CHPC resources, the Sohn group is developing high-resolution computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations to select the optimal operating conditions for testing and subsequently reduce the testing time and effort. Simulation results will be used to analyze the results from the flash reactors. Also of high importance, the results of the simulations will assist in the subsequent design of an industrial-scale pilot facility and eventual full-scale commercial plant.

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ash 7212/7468 96.57%
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lonepeak 928/928 100%

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